DMX LED Panel 300144 led 144 pixel

Product Name: DMX LED Panel 300144 led 144 pixel

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    Wide voltage input(DC:12-24V) with high brightness LED chips, SMD RGB 5050, 
    4W, 8W, 15W, 35W are available,
    Panel size, led and pixel quantity also customized
    1 led/pixel, 1 panel/pixel which realize manifestation and visual impact
    Built-in high-precision constant current driver IC, make LED consistency and uniformity on color, 
    and viewing angle close to 180 degrees.
    44 Frame/second, DMX address setting automatically
    Easy control with Ledworks DMX SD card control or Online Venus 8/16 and DMX DVI LED control
Parameters Description
Model LWS-RGBP150150-DMX-5V3636 LWS-RGBP150150-DMX-12V3601 LWS-RGBP250250-DMX-5V1616 LWS-RGBP300300-DMX-5V1616 LWS-RGBP300300-DMX-5V144144
Size 150*150mm        150*150mm 250*250mm        300*300mm        300*300mm       
LED QTY 36leds 36leds 16leds 16leds 144leds
Max. Power 11W                          9W 5W 5W 43W
Input Voltage DC 12-24V DC 12V DC 5V DC 5V DC 5V
Pixel 36 pixels 1 pixels 16 pixels 16 pixels 144 pixels
Pitch P25MM P150MM P62.5MM P75MM P25MM
PCB Material Standard FR4 PCB Panel
PCB Color White color or other customized
Address setting Automatically
Control Mode DMX512
Lifespan 50,000hours, based on LED manufacturers’ test data
Temperature -4℉ to 122℉(-20℃ to 50℃) operating temperature
Protection IP20

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