IR SD card controller-SB serial

Product Name: IR SD card controller-SB serial

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    · 805SB has one output port, can control maximum 4096
    · The maximum clock frequency of 805SB is 2.0 MHZ
    · Infrared remote control
    · SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 format, the maximum
     capacity is 64G bytes, stores maximum 64 DAT files.
    · The type of driver chip and scanning frequency are set in
     “LED Build Software”.
    · Program, speed, brightness adjustable by IR remote
Parameters Description
Model LWS-805SB
Control Port 1 port (in software “LED Built Software”, must select “one line with a slave”)
Control Pixels 1X4096
Input Voltage AC110V/AC220V
Power Consumption 1W
Weigh 0.7KG
Working Temperature -20C°--85C°
Dimension L180 x W126 x H46
Installation Hole Distance 95mm
Carton Size L205 x W168 x H69

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