DMX Address Writer DW100

Product Name: DMX Address Writer DW100

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    1,Set the starting dmx led address for the dmx led lamps from LEDWORKS
    2,DC9-24V input
    3,The dmx led address can jump one by one, and jump by the address gap of the lamps which can preset with the DW100
    4,Easy to operate
    1,Set dmx address for the ledworks manual addressing dmx led lamps, eg. Dmx led tube, 3D dmx led tube, dmx led wall washer, dmx led flood light, dmx led strip, dmx led pixel light
No. Function Remark
1 Signal 3/5 Pin XLR signal output cable, Connect with the DMX signal input cable
2 PWR 2 Pin power input cable , Power supply for LW-DW-100 (9~24V)
3 Display screen Display the current address(the corresponding light will be light)
4 + Display screen address add 1
5 - Display screen address minus 1
6 Enter Confirm the display screen's address


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